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Help! My Procrastination is Out of Control!

Our stuff keeps piling up. Normal time management techniques and productivity tools don't work with us. It feels horrible.

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Procrastination feels horrible. We're not like everyone else.

And the more we let things pile up, the more agonizing our "time debt" can be. You know by now that your issue isn't just a simple matter of applying willpower or the right technique. When I tell you that there's something more sinister going on here, you agree and it resonates very deeply with you. I understand because I'm wired exactly the same way.

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  • Why we're highly functional, yet can't get our act together for simple tasks like paying bills or doing laundry
  • Why these simple tasks are truly traumatic events for us that can't be cured by willpower and sterile tips and tricks
  • Why our resistance to these tasks is actually life-affirming. (The answer will surprise you.)
  • Which techniques do work with us based on how we're wired

Don't spend another moment stressing out about your undone stuff or torturing yourself by yet another time management or motivational technique. Download this free report and get the clarity you need to finally get your stuff done. I promise this free report will have useful information that has helped me and will help you too. I'm happy to share it with you.